Torch Kitchen Butane Lighter Chef Cooking Torch Refillable Adjustable Flame Lighter BBQ Ignition Spray Gun Picnic

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Widely Used:
1. Cooking Torch – Creme Brulee, Toasting Bread Crumbs, Roasting Bell Peppers 
2. Outdoor Camping & BBQ – Steaks,Ignite A Grill, Skins tomatoes, melts cheese on gratins, roasts pepper
3. Welding And Incision – Jewelry, Glasses
4. Home And Industrial – Cocktails, Defrosting Meat, Engine Heating

How to use:
Gas-refilled: please insert the Butane Gas Refill bottle vertically to the blow torch bottom as shows in picture , wait for 6 secs once and then pull out, 3 times operation will fully refill blow torch, wait for minutes then blow the fire.
Light up and extinguish: turn fire ignition button to “OPEN”, then press the button, the flame is lit; release the button, the flame goes off.
To switch on continuous fire: turn fire ignition clockwise to “CLOSE” while the flame is on; Turn the button to “OPEN”, the flame goes out.
Adjustable flames: Slide the Flame control to adjust the flame levels.
– Capacity: 8-10g butane gas
– Flame Temperature: Up to 1300°C / 2500°F
– Made with Aluminum alloy
– Item size: 12 x 6 x 15.5 cm/ 4.7*2.3*6 inch
– Net weight: 0.6lb