Magnetic BBQ Led Grill Light Adjustable 360 Degree Flexible Gooseneck Screw Clamp for Party Office Outdoor Indoor Barbeque tools

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Product Description
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Product description
Chuzy Chef’s BBQ Grill Light gives all of you of this.

Attractive BASE – holds to most metallic surfaces, so you can position the light in different places on your BBQ barbecue

SCREW CLAMP – attaches immovably to tables, work seats, vertical and level edges to give light in each area.

Adaptable GOOSENECK – configuration enables you to flex and point light at the most ideal edge, even in cumbersome areas

12 LED LIGHTS – give a solid, wide field of light.

VERSATILE AND WIRELESS – cordless activity with 3 AAA batteries (excluded)

MULTI FUNCTIONAL – light you will utilize both all around.

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