Kitchen Utensils Cooking Set Includes 10 Pieces Non-stick Cookware Spaghetti Server, Soup Ladle, Slotted Turner, Whisk

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Slotted turner  29.5cm*8cm/11.6″*3.1″

Large scraper  28cm*5.5cm/11″*2.1″

Whisk              25cm*5.8cm/9.8″*2.2″

Small scraper  21.5cm*4cm/8.4″*1.5″

Brush               21cm*3.5cm/8.2″*1.3″

Spoon              28cm*5.9cm/11″*2.3″

Pasta fork        28.5cm*5.6cm/11.2″*2.2″

Spoonula           27cm*5.8cm/10.6″*2.2″

Slotted spoon   27.5cm*5.8cm/10.8″*2.2″

Kitchen Tongs   27cm*3.8cm/10.6″*1.5″


Net weight: 735g/Set


Package Included: 

1x Slotted turner (11.6″x3.1″)

1x Large scraper (11″x2.1″)

1x Whisk (9.8″x2.2″)

1x Small scraper (8.4″x1.5″)

1x Brush (8.2″x1.3″)

1x Spoon (11″x2.3″)

1x Pasta fork (11.2″x2.2″)

1x Spoonula (10.6″x2.2″)

1x Slotted spoon (10.6″x2.2″)

 1x Kitchen Tongs (10.6″x1.5″)



1. Hygienic:Solid silicone surface on these kitchen utensils means no crevices for bacteria to grow; 
2. 100% FDA Grade, BPA Free Silicone coated cooking utensil set;
3. Perfectly shaped heads: perfect for all those hard to reach places; 
4. Ergonomically designed silicone coat; 
5. Non-stick cooking utensils: Won’t scratch pots and pans; 
6. Dishwasher safe kitchen tools;