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*Premium quality: Our Kitchen tongs are constructed from 1mm corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel and 100% food grade BPA free silicone. Non-stick, non-slip, sturdy and durable. The heat resistance can up to 482F/250C.
*Safer use: Pawaca kitchen tongs come in 3 sizes: 9 inch & 12 inch & 14 inch. You Can use different size to meet normal or special needs in kitchen, grilling, cooking or BBQ to ensure a perfect grip for comfort and safe use with the least burns.
*Easier use and store: Just push ‘O’ shape locking ring gently and kitchen tong is unlocked, you can easily lift or flip food; And pull ‘O’ shape locking ring gently and kitchen tong is locked, you can hang them or store them while using minimum space!.
*Easier clean: Enough long silicone tips can avoid the top of tongs touching the table and thus makes no dirt on both tongs and table.
* 100% lifetime warranty: Iron-Clad 100% Money Back Guarantee is offered by Pawaca.


eatures and Benefits of Pawaca kitchen tongs:

*304 stainless steel to avoid rusting

*Silicone tips is safe and heat resistant and would not scratch non-stick pans

*Non stick silicone handle for perfect grip, provide comfort and safety

*Silicone stand for convenient put after one person’s using

*”O” Ring and locking mechanism for convenient locking and easy hanging.

*Dishwasher safe How to treat:

*Please clean and wipe it thoroughly with sponge or soft cloth after every time’s use to keep surface finish and hygiene and avoid minerals in water & food starch adhering to tongs(Please use lemon juice or white vinegar to clean if possible)

Package include

1*9 inch kitchen tong 1*12 inch kitchen tong 1*14 inch kitchen tong