EAAGD Wireless Dual Probe Remote Digital Kitchen Cooking Meat Grill Oven BBQ BarbecueThermometer Monitor Food from 230 Feet Away

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1.Newly 2 waterproof probes design, which can monitor and display food & oven temperature in the same time. You can easily control the temperature stability of oven and food maturity.

2.You do not need to wait for the barbecue next to the oven, and can not do anything else any more. With this remote thermometer, You can do whatever you want during barbecuing, such as browsing Facebook, YouTube, Amazon shopping, watching football match and so on.

3.Temperature measurement range of -20℃~300℃(-4~572℉), and accuracy of≤2℃ . It is so necessary to exactly control the temperature when cooking delicious food.

4.It is very convenient for night or outdoor barbecue. With wonderful blue backlight, You can clearly see the exact temperature in real time, even in dim night or outdoors.

Why do we need it?
In addition to conventional food temperature measurement, this thermometer brings us more conveniences. Thanks to its RF wireless transmission function (within 230ft) and high-precision measurement, We can remote accurately monitor the food temperature and save more time to do other things.
1,Food and Oven temperature of the wireless transmission functions (230ft)
2,Timer Display and Temperature gauge alarm functions ( Count up & down function)
3,Dual probes can work simultaneous, one for testing cooking FOOD/BBQ temperature and one for OVEN
4,Probe 1 for food temperature testing, there are built in 8 different foods program selectable ( BEEF, LAMB, VEAL, HAMBURGER, PORK, TURKEY, CHICKEN, FISH) and 5 different doneness levels ( Rare, Medium Rare, Medium, Medium Well or Well)
5,Probe 2 for OVEN temperature testing ( Probe and Wire can withstand up to 716°F (300°C) and IPX7 water-proof standard)
6,℃/℉ temperature display selected
7, 3 Digits temperature display, temperature range: -20℃~300℃(-4~572℉)
8, Resolution: 1℃
9, Temperature Accuracy: -20℃~250℃≤2℃;250℃~300℃≤6℃
10, Back light function and Auto off after 5 seconds without any operation ( With Keytone )

1,Don’t expose probe or probe wire to open flames or barbeque, keep away the probe wire from the high heat.
2,The probe is waterproof and can be placed in water to clean, but please do not immerse it in water for a long time.
3,The probe is waterproof, but the Black Connector part is not waterproof. PLEASE DO NOT let the connector part touch water.

1x Digital Thermometer Receiver
1x Digital Thermometer Transmitter
1x Food Temperature Probe
1x Oven Temperature Probe
1x Manual