Ceramic Barbecue Rack – Non-Stick Barbecue Tool For Grilling Chicken Roaster BBQ Beer Vertical Poultry Chicken Cooking

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Safe and healthy ceramics are more durable, hygienic and resistant to high temperatures than stainless steel.
STRONG AND STABLE BASE – Wide opening at the top along with 4 steam ports along the lip and the unglazed bottom sits directly on a grill,wide base won’t tip over
Spacious interior space – the holder is filled with liquids of your choice, beer, pickles, juices, etc. Put a whole chicken on the holder, and the steam in the liquid moistens the meat.
CLEAN UP IS A BREEZE – Ceramic glazed inside and out for easy dishwasher clean-up without needing to scrub it. Just soak it for a bit in warm soapy water, and it came clean without having to scrub.
Specifications: upper diameter: about 6.1cm, lower diameter: about 12.5cm, height: about 10.6cm


Safe and healthy ceramics are more durable, hygienic and resistant to high temperatures than stainless steel.
STRONG AND STABLE BASE-Wide opening at the top along with 4 steam ports along the lip and the unglazed bottom sits directly on a grill,wide base won’t tip over
Spacious interior space – the rack is filled with liquids of your choice, beer, pickles, juices, etc. Put a whole chicken on the rack, and the steam in the liquid moistens the meat.
CLEAN UP IS A BREEZE-Ceramic glazed inside and out for easy dishwasher clean-up without needing to scrub it.Just soak it for a bit in warm soapy water, and it came clean without having to scrub


Product Name: Barbecue Grill Chicken Rack
Specifications: upper diameter: about 6.1cm/2.40in, lower diameter: about 12.5cm/4.92in, height: about 10.6cm/4.17in
Weight: about 400g
Material: ceramic


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