100pcs/lot Barbecue Skewers for Shrimp ,Chicken and Vegetable – Non Toxic and Eco Friendly Perfectly Safe for Your Family

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Product Description
Evaluate Score: 4.9
Package Type: lot
Lot Number: 100

GRILL HEALTHY AND SAFE- Enjoy Delicious Kabobs all Spring and Summer Long! Sustainable Bamboo Kebabs – Eco Friendly – Non Toxic and Disposable Easy to use Skewers
BARBECUE SKEWERS MAKE IT EASIER TO EAT CLEAN – Have Fun Preparing your Healthy Skewers with the Whole Family!
EXTRA LONG BAMBOO SKEWERS – Long to Avoid Getting Burned or Loosing your Skewer to the Grill. Use at the Fire Pit, Roast Marshmallows with the Kids!
BARBECUE SKEWERS AT A GREAT VALUE – Pack of 100 Bamboo Skewers so There is Plenty of Wonderful Food for Everyone!
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